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Type of Vacancy:      Open Competitive

                                         5 Vacancies

Job Opening No.:    2020141-1                                                             Job Code:        2150, 2148

Work Location:        Juvenile Serv-Detention

Starting Annual Salary: $25,246                                                                  Pay Grade:     1120

Application Dates:          02/21/2020 – 02/27/2020        pplication Times: Friday 12 Noon - Thursday

NOTE: Applicants using education to qualify for any job MUST attach a copy of their degree or transcript to their application at the time of applying. Applicants applying for any position that requires an official certification MUST attach a copy of that certification at the time of applying. Applicants MAY use experience as a substitution only if the minimum requirements indicates such.


Under the direction of the Detention Facility Shift Supervisor, performs responsible detention work involving the care and supervision of delinquent juveniles as a member of an assigned shift at a detention facility. Work involves responsibility for promoting and ensuring the good physical, emotional and moral health and development of those under the charge of the detention facility. Work also involves maintaining the security and safety of the building and its occupants. Supervision and control is exercised over occupants placed under the detention facility's care. Employees of this class may exercise limited independent judgment within prescribed standards and regulations. Performs other work as requested.



High school diploma, GED, HiSET, or equivalent certificate of competency, and one year of experience in work with juveniles or juvenile offenders.


Any equivalent combination of education and experience.


Must have a valid Louisiana driver's license at the time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment in this classification.


In accordance with Licensing Standards of the Louisiana Administrative Code (Title 67, Part V, Subpart 8, Chapter 75, Juvenile Detention Facilities, §7511. Facility Responsibilities, B. Criminal Background Clearance), all employees of this classification assigned to the Juvenile Services Detention Center must pass a criminal background check and/or be fingerprinted at the time of appointment. Both appointment and continued employment at this location is contingent upon the ability to pass a criminal background check. Failure to pass a criminal background check renders a candidate or current employee ineligible for employment at this location. 


Males Only.                                                                                                 


Score derived from application grading. 


In your employment application, please include detailed information such as software and equipment used, documents produced, fiscal or legal duties performed, types of customer service provided, decisions made, guidelines followed, supervisory duties, etc. Failure to provide an adequate description of your job duties may result in your application being REJECTED.