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Academy Counselor

Executive Service Position Announcement
TN Volunteer Challenge Academy Counselor
Position Description:
The Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Academy (TNVCA) is currently accepting resumes for three positions for TNVCA Counselor. Under the direct supervision of the Lead Counselor, performs counseling services in the following areas: limited psychosocial education, career planning, job placement, independent living, substance abuse, crisis, and stress and anger management through individual and group sessions. Counsel Cadets individually and in groups to facilitate behavioral changes regarding errors in thinking that include, but are not limited to: conflict resolution, substance abuse, and interpersonal relationships for the purpose of developing sound character in post-residential success. Respond to concerns of cadets including medical, physical, social, educational and cultural issues during the residential phase. Participate in a rotating on-call schedule and work nights and weekends as deemed necessary.
Annual Salary:  $38,472
Benefits: Insurance (Health, Dental, Life, Vision), Annual, Sick and Military Leave, Flexible Benefits Plan, Retirement, Higher Education Fee Waivers Discounts
For additional benefits:
Essential Job Duties:
·       Conduct character development lessons in a group setting and incorporate those concepts in individual counseling to assist those exhibiting problems with adjustment and growth during the residential phase
·       Assist cadets in the preparation of placement plans through the use of the Post-Residential Action Plan (PRAP), interest inventory profiles and academic abilities. Communicate with parents, mentors, school officials, court officials, social services, and prospective employers to facilitate post-residential success. Assist with the completion of necessary forms, financial aid, recommendations, etc.
·       Document individual cadet’s progress and placement plans, to include applications to institutions of higher learning and job placement as well as any disciplinary interventions.
·       Coordinate weekly QUAD meetings with Instructors, Shift Supervisors with assigned Platoon regarding the cadets’ progress and adjustment. 
·       Provide timely and accurate reporting of Quad meetings to Lead Counselor of the collaborative efforts of the QUAD to assist the cadet in developing positive resolutions and understanding of errors in thinking regarding social, emotional, educational and behavioral development. 
·       Consult with staff to assist in recognizing indicators leading to and developing into crisis situations and provide recommendations for the handling of cadets who required crisis intervention services. 
·       Refer cadets for other professional treatment services as required.
·       Administer standardized tests to meet specific core objectives as established by the National Guard Youth Challenge Program.
·       Assist in the development and updating of lesson plans, and conduct classes pertaining to goal-setting; decision-making; interpersonal relationships; and general life skills. 
·       Provides extensive automated file management utilizing the Cadet Tracking System to update and maintain cadet data for tracking by the National Guard Bureau.
·       Participate in further professional development through workshops and other training opportunities as needed or required.
·       Performs other duties as assigned within the scope of duties enumerated above.   
TNVCA Counselor Continued
Minimum Qualifications:
·       Requires a bachelor’s degree in a social science field (i.e. Psychology or Social Work) and 2 year professional experience. 
·       Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written communications.
·       Knowledge of office practices, procedures, programs, and filing.
·       Possess a valid state driver’s license
·       Employee will undergo an extensive background check. Applicants for this class must have no conviction of a felony; applicants must be willing to be fingerprinted and must have their fingerprints on file with the Tennessee Military Department; applicants must authorize release on any investigative and criminal records obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Tennessee Military Department. The data may be used as part of a review process to evaluate eligibility for continued employment.
Desired Qualifications:
·       Master’s degree in Counseling or Social Work
How to Apply:
Submit your resume detailing your experience in meeting the above requirements for the TNVCA Counselor to:
Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Academy
Deadline to Apply: December 2, 2019
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