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Assessment Center Manager

Requirements (Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification):

  • Must possess a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or related field and 6 years' experience in the juvenile justice/child welfare systems or Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or related field and 4 years' experience in the juvenile justice/child welfare systems.
  • Knowledge of Court process, including Diversion Programs. 
  • Must Posses a valid driver's license and auto liability insurance.
  • Must pass an extensive background screening process.
  • Must be age 21 or older. 
Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work or Counseling; licensure LPC, LSW, and MFT
Special Working Conditions and/or Hazards:

  • Employees work indoors and are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but not necessarily occasional temperature changes.
  • Works in secure correctional facility, with some exposure to unruly and, at times, out-of-control resident populations.
Job Duties:

  • Supports the Director of Special Projects and the Director of Program Analysis in developing and implementing the Assessment Center, including development of program measures; Engages in planning and development processes to ensure the Assessment Center is operating effectively and meeting needs; Identifies challenges and opportunities and proactively pursues innovative solutions to meet needs; Provides ongoing oversight and supervision of the Assessment Center's programs and staff.
  • Supervises staff of the Assessment Center, including scheduling employees, identifying training and development needs and ensuring those needs are met, managing assigned duties, coaching and providing feedback, and measuring performance in an ongoing manner along with use of the performance review process, ensuring compliance with court policies and procedures in order to maintain a professional work environment and reduce risk of liability, and engaging in performance coaching, taking corrective action if/when necessary, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Communicates with stakeholders, community programs and court personnel in a professional, timely, accurate manner in order to further the development of working relationships, development of procedures, and to facilitate the effective completion of duties that impact all.
  • Helps stakeholders, community programs, and Court personnel identify needs and works proactively and collaboratively to meet needs; Acts as DYS liaison and ensures accurate DYS data reporting and outcomes reporting; Prepares reports for DYS, stakeholders and court administration.
  • Leads collaborative efforts with internal and external stakeholders in a proactive, professional, and tactful manner.
  • Manages assigned projects to ensure that work is completed in accordance with deadlines and information is communicated effectively.
  • Schedules and organizes monthly meetings, retreats and other department events.
  • Identifies issues and works proactively with others to find effective solutions. 
  • Other projects as determined by the Court Administration.
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
Summary of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES required for the position:

  • Must possess analytical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to assess a situation, consider multiple perspectives, gather further information/perspectives if necessary, and arrive at an appropriate response; Ability to use a problem-solving process to address issues that arise as the Assessment Center is created and operating; Ability to assess data and information for use in reporting outcomes and for planning for the Assessment Center, using knowledge of the court and programs to identify causes that contribute to specific data and results; Ability to identify and address areas for improvement, based on data and results; Ability to assess process effectiveness and modify to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Must possess clerical/administrative skills/abilities, which include: Ability to type at a moderate level; Ability to operate office equipment.
  • Must possess computer/technical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to operate a computer and use basic computer software such as Microsoft Office (Word, GroupWise, Excel, PowerPoint); Ability to operate information management system (such as the Court's JCMS) to input data and access reports.
  • Must possess project/process management skills/abilities, which include: Strong organizational and prioritizing skills; Ability to lead/facilitate projects, setting timelines and ensuring they're met, delegating when appropriate, and keeping the process moving and participants engaged; Ability to input and evaluate data and outcomes related to project results and effectiveness; Ability to handle multiple tasks independently, evaluate processes, and streamline where necessary; Ability to exercise good judgement and problem-solving skills; Ability to participate actively, constructively, and tactfully in various court projects and community outreach.
  • Must possess written and oral communication skills/abilities, which include: Advanced writing skills and ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences in a professional manner, showing respect and appropriately representing the court's interests; Ability to speak in public and make presentations in a logical, meaningful manner to the Court, stakeholders and funders.
  • Must possess skills/abilities, which include: Knowledge and understanding of a variety of community stakeholders' roles, including how other child serving agencies operate; Knowledge of youth and family's needs and resources available to help meet those needs.